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Harpsichordist Višnja Mažuran began her musical education in Varaždin, her native town, whereupon she graduated from the Zagreb Academy of Music (under Ivo Maček) and went to study to the High School of Music in Munich (R. Schmid), then to the School of Old Music in Innsbruck (A. Curtis). In 1971 she was engaged as resident harpsichordist of the Zagreb Soloists with whom she has toured the world with more than 2000 concerts. Over the 25 years, she never neglected her career of a soloist in the country and abroad (with the Zagreb Philharmonic, the Philharmonic of Graz, Solisti Aquillani). Her recordings count a number of releases, including a CD with Bach's Goldberg Variations. Her artistry has been recognized with such awards as Vladimir Nazor, Zagreb City Award, Milka Tmina, Orlando). Višnja Mažuran is a visiting professor at the Zagreb Academy of Music (since 1995).