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park umjetnicke skole 2.jpgSorkočević studied music in Dubrovnik and Rome. He was also engaged as a diplomat, representing the Dubrovnik Republic in negotiations with the French, as well as with Joseph II in Vienna. Completed in his adolescent years (1754 – 1770), his entire output consists mainly of instrumental pieces, which unmistakably classifies Sorkočević among symphony music composers. Actually, he was the first Croatian composer of symphonies, which were strongly influenced by Italian pre-classical style. All his autographs and scores are kept at the Friars Minor Monastery in Dubrovnik. His pieces are considered anthological within Croatian pre-classical music. He was in contact with his prestigious contemporaries such as Fortis, Haydn, Gluck and Bajamonti, and wrote a diary with interesting comments about the people he met on his travels. A literature connoisseur and patron of arts, he used to organise numerous literary gatherings and concerts at his palace. Suffering from intense depression for several years, he ended his life committing a suicide.